Energy healing is a relaxing yet powerful type of therapy that helps you connect to your inner life force and source of vibrancy. Removing energetic blocks and returning your energy systems to their natural levels allows your body to activate its inherent ability to heal itself. Healing Touch (Therapeutic Touch), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Healing Crystals, and Reiki are a few of the well-known energy healing modalities (techniques, procedures, or methods).


animal reiki
Reiki is a technique to channel energy to a person to restore their energy field balances, but it’s an energy healing technique that can also be used with animals. Animal Reiki is a meditation-like process that can balance the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of dogs, cats, horses, or other animals.
animal reiki certification
Reiki is a type of energy healing that brings a person’s energy fields into balance. Animal Reiki is simply Reiki with an animal as the client rather than a person. Anyone can learn the technique of Animal Reiki in order to help their own pets or farm animals become balanced on physical, emotional, and energetic levels.
healing crystals
In the modern world, the practice of healing is overwhelmingly biomedical. For most of history, this has not been the case — humans have always relied on nature and spirituality to bring about healing. For thousands of years crystals have played a role in physical and emotional healing, and even to bring luck and love to believers.
crystal types
You can collect and keep any of the countless types of crystals based solely on which ones appeal to your sense of beauty. But you can also choose specific kinds of crystals to place in your house or keep on your person based on your intentions — your specific healing needs or goals.
clear quartz crystals
Clear quartz is the most abundant crystal in the world. Crystals of this type may be clear, cloudy, mostly white, or even slightly tinted with color. Clear quartz is a versatile healing stone known as the master healer. This gemstone helps you clear your spirit, body, and mind of clutter, and assists you in reaching your highest potential.