Meditation is a practice where a person uses a technique — such as mindfulness, or focusing the mind on a particular object or thought, or even light and sound technology — to train awareness and attention, and reach a mentally clear and stable and emotionally calm state.

Meditation can be used with the aim of reducing pain, depression, axiety, and stress, and increasing well-being, self-awareness, perception, and peace. Like hypnosis, meditation has been used by many to rid themselves of unwanted habits, including smoking and overeating.


ganzfeld light and sound
With light and sound meditation — achieved with earbuds and special glasses to experience light and sound at different frequencies — you can achieve all that traditional meditation offers, and more.
meditation for anxiety and depression
Meditation allows a person to slow down and view the world without judging. It helps a person learn how to pay attention. For those suffering from anxiety or depression, meditation helps to bring on a feeling of focus, calm, and balance.