Hypnosis, and self-hypnosis, is often used to help people overcome bad habits, like smoking, or accomplish some positive change, such as losing weight. When relaxed and tranquil, a patient’s mind becomes more open to transformative messages. Hypnosis is also employed to help people manage anxiety, stress, mood disorders, chronic pain, and more.


hypnosis for health
Hypnosis — including self-hypnosis — puts a person in a trance-like state, open to positive suggestions. Hypnosis can help overcome bad habits like smoking or manage adverse conditions like chronic pain.
hypnosis creativity
Hypnosis enhances creativity by boosting self-confidence, eliminating negativity, liberating the creative energy of the subconscious, supplying inspiration to stop procrastinating, and reducing anxiety.
ganzfeld light and sound
With light and sound meditation — achieved with earbuds and special glasses to experience light and sound at different frequencies — you can achieve all that traditional meditation offers, and more.
subliminal messages
From negative personal traits like low self-esteem or low confidence, to bad habits such as smoking, everyone has something about themselves they’d like to change. Subliminal messages plant postive seeds in the subconscious mind, and are a way to overturn negative thoughts and actions.
hypnosis for health
Treatments that recognize the mind-body association are frequently proposed for people dealing with chronic (long-term) pain. Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis is a viable means to treat both chronic and acute pain.
hypnosis for weight loss
Weight loss hypnotherapy can be used for treatment of a variety of weight-related conditions including bulemia and binge eating. It also can help in treating anxiety, which is often a trigger to overeating.
subliminal lose weight
A subliminal message audio for weight loss consists of audible music or calming sounds, with a track of inaudible messages related to healthier eating, pleasurable workouts, and positive self-image. While not audible at the conscious level, these higher frequency messages are picked up by the subconscious where they change your mindset.